Rewards and Affiliates

Get rewarded for being part of the community & also by sharing the world about us:)

Rewards Affiliates

Rewards Hall of Fame

Get Rewarded for Being Awesome!

New Winners Every Month

Our team randomly selects a winner every month and then award them with $ 100 via PayPal or Skrill.

Total up to $ 300 rewarded monthly for each quilification. If you qualify for all 3, the higher chance of winning!!

How do you qualify?
  • You must be a current paying member to any of our signals.
  • Can only win once for testimonial shares, but for profit screen shots or random selections can with once every 4 months.
  • How to win ?
    Simply email us your testimonial, profit share screen shot and or simply be a paying member. Email @

Simply Share & Earn Income Monthly

10% Commission Monthly

Why not get paid every member you introduce to Pip Alert? Our affliate program provides you with 10% monthly commission per every active member you bring on board.

How much can you make?

average affliate member makes $6 per member every month.

  • 50 Members
    $300/m or $ 3,600/year
  • 250 Members
    $1,500/m or $18,000/year
  • 1,000 Members
    $6,000/m or $72,000/year
Payouts are made out via PayPal or Skrill
Start Earing Today!